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9/2/2023: New Laptop + Moving + Further updates

  • We moved. After living in the same apartment since 2017 my apartment finally became too run down and untenable to maintain living at due to the price gouging nature of rent these days. during the move, the PSU in my Laptop called it a day, necessitating an upgrade. I do not generally have the income as of this writing to replace with a brand new laptop,so i poked about on eBay for used Thinkpads to purchase for a song. Sure enough, a little digging, and i found something better than what i had for less than $100. Most of the purpose of this laptop will be covered on the "Projects"page.
  • I also took the time to start filling out the Roxanne pages. I admit documenting what i have had to learn in regards to the vehicle as institutional knowledge will be difficult to put into a sensible means for human consumption.
      • 7/28/2023: Filling out the site

        • I added a "Projects" page to start filling that out. it's pretty sparse for now but i think we can get a bit further on it as time goes on.
        • I also did the buttons for site navigation to be in a prettier table since the code and the buttons both looked really still looks awful, but now it's less awful.
        • I really need to fix whatever is going on with the borders around my tables on this page.

          7/27/2023: It Got Worse

        • The internet's at a breaking point
        • Welcome to "Web 1.0.2"
        • It's plausible that we can fix this ourselves
        • Yes, it's been a year since i updated this or even worked on it, what's it to you?

      • It's been a little over a year since i touched this page and it seems like things i was worried about, things which led me to get away from social media in the first place, have come true. The trend I have seen the past few years is that people are putting so much into corporate run hosting spaces that then renege on hosting,Hide their previously free services behind a paywall, or change the terms of their platform in such a way as to make it impossible for content creators to break even on most platforms. I have recently come to understand this as Dead Internet Theory, and I could not agree more with the tenets of the theory. Since 2010 or so, We have seen a move away from individuals being able to create and manage their own content online without overbearing administrative algorithms, and more towards forcing content creators behind "walled garden" nonsense that ultimately chases innovation away from platforms in favor of hollow corporate advertising.

        Before you dismiss me for sounding like a boomer, let me try putting it another way. Years ago, We Millenials eschewed this style of website design,networks of which served as a sort of ad-hoc precursor to what is now called "Social Media" in favor of what was then called "The blogosphere" and "Myspace". Back then, You could still edit your page to reflect your personality, which admittedly bothered me to no end at the time as then your myspace music was typically interrupting my music or just creating a headphone cacophany, but i digress. Tools existed and were extremely popular for this kind of thing and i think a lot of the third party tools that exist for social media spaces are an extension of this idea. Someone took a look at Twitter, said "Wow, This interface is fucking garbage" and the result is tweetdeck. Once myspace gave way to facebook, it was all over. Every social media site since has denied users the ability to add their own HTML,Which is a significant loss in my humble opinion. I want my internet to do more for me than it did 20 years ago, not less. So, I've staked my claim on this tiny corner of the internet exactly as i did nearly 25 years ago, and I've decided to build something i can show to people In Lieu of a Facebook page.

      • tl;dr I feel It's time to stop letting rich people and gigantic, faceless corporations have this much content control.

        If you want "The old internet" back,it will first be necessary to rebuild the infrastructure that has been destroyed by attrition. Previously, Self Hosted Websites were common. This is less so now, Even this page is not immune and i am using free webhosting. Though i feel it is a step in the right direction as we cannot depend on corporations to protect the data we previously entrusted them with. I've begun jokingly calling this project "Web 1.0.2" since it's basically an online mulligan. The key difference now is, I have the code for this website as I am building it line for line, and improving it over time as I both relearn the hobby skills I once had in HTML and CSS, but also to document other "Maker" Activities I get up to.

        To Summarize:
      • I wanted a website, so i made one
      • I figured since I am making a website, I might as well use it to document other things i make

        7/13/2022:It Began

        • Added the changelog page
        • began reteaching myself HTML

        Notes: I suppose it remains up to me whether or not i'll use this as an updates page. till I make an updates page, this is the updates page. Like a work Trailer on a construction site. in the process of making this, I have already begun to find issues with The way the free Editor i'm using is lacking serious ability. I'll fuck with this more later.

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